Return Policy


Before returning any product to Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. customers must first call the Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Customer Service Department and obtain a Return Authorization (“RA”) number. All products returned to Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. without an RA number will be refused.

Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. will issue authorization for the return of eligible, unopened product only (no partial containers except in GA, MS and NC).

Eligible Products for Return

  1. Received by customer as damaged. Products received damaged may be returned for full credit, including freight, when reported within ten (10) days of receipt. If product is received damaged, please have the transportation company note “damaged” or “broken” on the freight bill. Claims with UPS/RPS should remain in the original carton for inspection.
  2. Received by customer in error or shortages. Product shipped in error by Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. may be returned, if applicable for full credit, including freight, when returned within ten (10) days of invoice date.
  3. Ordered by the customer in error. Products ordered in error may be returned for credit, freight prepaid, when reported within ten (10) days of receipt.
  4. In-dated product may be returned for credit, if approved by Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. In-dated product can be returned within six (6) months prior to expiration. In-dated product approved by Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for return must be shipped freight prepaid. Items returned as outlined in section four (4) are subject to a twenty percent (20%) processing fee.

Non-Eligible Products for Return

  1. Product involved in fire, sacrifice, or bankruptcy sale; or items that have been damaged due to conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer, such as improper storage, heat, cold, water, smoke, fire, or negligence.
  2. Products returned from Retail Pharmacy and Distributor Customers.
  3. Product not properly stored as outline by the Prescription Drug Marketing Act.
  4. Product that has been expired.
  5. Product that has been discontinued by Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  6. Product that has been opened or partial containers (except in GA, MS, and NC).
  7. Product that has been purchased at special pricing or free goods.
  8. Product returned by other than the purchaser (except by 3rd Party Processor agent).
  9. Product purchased directly from a drug wholesaler should be returned to the drug wholesaler for credit.
  10. Product sold with specific understanding that is non-returnable.
  11. Product originally sold through other than normal domestic channels of distribution.
  12. Product that has been repackaged or is in other than Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. containers or packages.

To obtain authorization to return product for credit, please call Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Customer Service at 888-806-4606 with the following information:

  • Product Name
  • Quantity for Each Product
  • Lot Numbers
  • Unit Price
  • Debit Memo Number
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Reason (i.e., Concealed Damage)
  • Contact Person

Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Customer Service Department will provide an RA number for those items approved for credit. All returns must have the RA number clearly marked on the outside parcel, include shipping and debit memo documentation, and be returned with any goods. No product will be accepted for return without an RA number.

Unauthorized returns may be destroyed and not reimbursed. Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. reserves the right to inspect all authorized returns prior to issuing credit and to destroy products deemed unfit for sale whether or not they are eligible for credit.