Focus and Responsibility

A special focus on hard-to-formulate critical-need injectable drugs

Our mission drives everything we do. We develop, advance and deploy life-saving critical-need drugs to institutions that need them every day. We have the skill and expertise to take on even the most difficult-to-formulate molecules, and deliver the highest-quality FDA-approved injectable and ready-to-use medications.

Our value

Our value resides where unmet clinical need and products in need of improvement require immediate attention.

Identify the need

We review both existing off-patent molecules and unique molecular compounds, identifying market need and embracing difficult APIs.

Explore potential improvements

We assess how our committed in-house R&D can make them safer.

Streamline the delivery

We then consider the in-practice utility, making our agents easier to reconstitute or easier to handle.

Employ the highest standards

Finally, a rigorous development and approval process ensures advanced, FDA approved medications of unrivaled quality.

Commercialize the offering

We strategically launch our products to drive commercial growth for the company.

Therapeutic Area FDA Filing Delivery Technology History of Shortage
Oncology ANDA Injection Yes
Antipsychotic ANDA Injection Yes
Gastroenterology ANDA Injection No
Antibiotics ANDA Injection No
Endocrinology ANDA Injection Yes
Cardiology NDA Ready to use Injection Yes
Cardiology ANDA Ready to use Injection Yes
Antipsychotic ANDA Injection No
Endocrinology ANDA Injection Yes

A special dedication to community

We are committed to becoming our true best selves through our company practices and engagement in community initiatives. We are dedicated to building a better world by offering researchers medications at greatly reduced prices through our clinical trial donation program and providing ongoing support to multiple national and community-based associations.