Commitment to Quality

Quality is an inherent part of Nexus Pharmaceuticals' DNA


We hold ourselves, our suppliers, and our processes accountable in delivering the highest quality products. We integrate testing during every step of the supply chain to help ensure patients receive medications that are safe and effective.

Committed to quality – from molecules to medicine

Starting with the source

  • Select API suppliers that have an active and good standing Drug Master File with the FDA
  • Select API following Drug Master File review based on ICH and FDA requirements and chemical analysis
  • In-house scientists issue a Certificate of Analysis to confirm highest quality product

Partnering with the right CMO

  • Based in North America and Europe—highly regulated markets with strong compliance histories
  • Maintain a network of CMOs for each product to minimize any potential manufacturing downtime

Applying extra quality assurance

  • Testing does not occur just once—every single batch goes through rigorous testing before making it to the pharmacy shelf
  • Each batch is only released if it passes multiple quality assurance testing from external and in-house scientists to assure product integrity

Delivering when others fall short

  • NO Supply disruption vs. 203 generic injectable shortages with other suppliers¹

Be confident in the medication you purchase

Nexus Pharmaceuticals is a pioneer in producing and supplying critical-need, sterile injectable drugs. While quality, safety and transparency are the hallmarks of our business, patients are at the heart of what we do.

Quality & beyond

Learn about our portfolio of life-saving products and state-of-the-art sterile injectable manufacturing facility based in the U.S.