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Nexus Pharmaceuticals

Lincolnshire, IL: Nexus Pharmaceuticals announced last month its decision to divest its manufacturing facility in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin to Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE:LLY).

Nexus will continue to operate sales, marketing, research and development, and quality control functions out of its headquarters in Lincolnshire, Illinois. The company continues to expand their product portfolio and invest in bringing injectable drug products to market. Nexus expects to introduce more than twelve new products in the coming year.

“Nexus remains steadfast in its commitment to developing and bringing lifesaving medications to the market. This has been our primary mission since our founding in 2003 and we will continue to do so,” said Usman Ahmed, CEO and President of Nexus. “This acquisition provides an exciting opportunity for Lilly to strengthen its manufacturing capabilities in the Midwest, while allowing Nexus to focus on expanding its existing portfolio. With this acquisition, both companies can maximize their potential and contribute to the advancement of pharmaceutical innovation.”

About Nexus Pharmaceuticals, LLC: NexusPharmaceuticals LLC, a US-based healthcare company, specializes in innovative processes to make difficult-to-manufacture specialty and generic drugs that are easier to use, less labor intensive, and more streamlined in practice. Nexus ensures that its high-quality drugs fulfill a critical unmet medical need and delivers dependable lifesaving treatment options when and where they’re needed most. To learn more about Nexus, visit


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