Nexus Pharmaceuticals Official Response: Supply Chain Reassurance Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

by Alicen Baran

Dear Valued Partner:

In light of the recent global outbreak of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), Nexus Pharmaceuticals would like to take the opportunity to provide its partners reassurance on Nexus Pharmaceuticals products’ sourcing and manufacturing.  The current Nexus product portfolio DOES NOT have API sourced from China, NOR is the finished dose manufactured in China. Acknowledging that this situation may be affecting some of the pharmaceutical industry, at this time, Nexus Pharmaceuticals DOES NOT anticipate any supply disruptions of the company’s current product portfolio due to COVID-19 based on current market conditions. We remain committed to patient safety, quality and supply as our top priorities.

Nexus Pharmaceuticals Current Product Portfolio

Nexus Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to the highest standard of quality.

Quality API Selection – We start with a quality source by selecting API suppliers that have an active and good standing Drug Master File with the FDA. We also select API following Drug Master File review based on ICH and FDA requirements and chemical analysis. Additionally, Nexus scientists issue a Certificate of Analysis to confirm the highest quality product.

USA/European CMO Partnerships – We currently partner with CMOs based in North America and Europe, highly regulated markets with strong compliance histories, while maintaining a CMO network for each product to minimize any potential manufacturing downtime.

Extra Quality Assurance – Each batch goes through rigorous testing before making it to the pharmacy shelf and is released only if it passes multiple quality assurance testing from external and in-house scientists to assure product integrity.


Mariam S. Darsot

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