Nexus Pharmaceuticals Receives FDA Approval for Fluorescein Injection, USP

Grace Conroy

Nexus Pharmaceuticals, LLC announced it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for Fluorescein Injection, USP.

“Receiving FDA approval for Fluorescein Injection is another exciting step made towards addressing a supply shortfall of a critical medication on the FDA drug shortage list,” said Usman Ahmed, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Nexus stands ready to continue to be part of the solution in the battle against drug shortages.”

Nexus Pharmaceuticals’ Fluorescein Injection, USP 10% is available in cartons of ten 5 mL Single-dose Vials.

About Fluorescein Injection, USP 10%

Fluorescein Injection, USP 10% is a sterile solution indicated in diagnostic fluorescein angiography or angioscopy of the retina and iris vasculature.

About Nexus Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Nexus Pharmaceuticals, LLC, a US-based healthcare company, specializes in innovative processes to make difficult-to-manufacture specialty and generic drugs that are easier to use, less labor intensive, and more streamlined in practice. Nexus ensures that its high-quality FDA-approved drugs fulfill a critical unmet medical need and delivers dependable life-saving treatment options when and where they’re needed most.

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