Our Response to “Our Drug Supply Is Sick. How Can We Fix It?”

by Mariam S. Darsot

I am writing with regards to the Opinion piece titled, “Our Drug Supply Is Sick. How Can We Fix It?” (Sept. 18, 2021). As the writer clearly highlights, the U.S. generic pharmaceutical industry is facing a crisis. Our company, Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is leading the effort to reshore this critical 21st century trade.

Nexus is a U.S.-based healthcare company and domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer. We have seen firsthand the effects of offshoring the U.S. pharmaceutical industry, including a race to the bottom in price and market predation by foreign producers, extreme volatility in drug pricing and availability, and supply chain shortages due to quality control violations or supply chain disruptions that jeopardize patient health and safety.

Our mission is to manufacture specialty and generic injectables right here in the heart of the American Midwest. We recently opened a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pleasant Prairie, WI—a $100 million investment that greatly expands our capability to deliver dependable, life-saving treatments to millions of patients in need. The facility is expected to bring over 77 new jobs in high-tech manufacturing and science by 2022, creating more than 400 local jobs long-term.

Sadly, our company’s story is the exception rather than the norm. While the U.S. is home to many pharmaceutical companies, the production of our nation’s drug supply, as well as other critical health care products, often occurs overseas. Oftentimes, these manufacturers operate under FDA warning letters, yet continue to export products to the U.S. because regulators fear shortages. It is a critical time for Washington to make a concerted effort to support the U.S. pharmaceutical industry and address the national health security risk posed by U.S. dependence on foreign manufacturers—particularly in China and India.

Mariam S. Darsot, CEO & President of Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Lincolnshire, Illinois

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